A collection of contemporary reviews of The Transformers: The Movie.

See, I remember reading reviews in the papers pretty much universally panning the ‘86 movie when it was new. And the home video guides were no less forgiving when it was finally made available then.

Loud, gratuitously violent, confusing, and you can’t tell the robots apart.  All Transformers movies ever, forever. 

Reblogging for great justice. :)

My kinda non-spoiler bulletpoint review of Transformers: Age of Extinction

• Dumb action movie, not heavy on plot, as par for the course.
• If you did not like the first three movies, this will not change your mind. In fact, it’ll give you ammunition for at least a year.
• If you did like the first three movies, then this will make you happy, because they got rid of the stupid crap.
• There’s no real tasteless jokes this time around. No Bumblebee lubricating, or Devastator’s balls.
• All the Autobots, and I mean ALL of them have developed personalities. Not great personalities, but actual personalities, and you can tell them apart.
• Not the DInobots though. Sorry. They might as well be set decorations.
• Hound is kind of a badass.
• Despite it’s dark themes, it’s actually a lot more light hearted than the previous two movies. There’s little that I felt was inappropriate for children. (No tasteless panty shots or unintentional racism.)
• Though there is a moment in the climax that I think might make some people flip out. (Think Man of Steel’s neck breaking.)
• You can follow the action and tell people apart.
• Marky Mark is a much better and superior replacement for Shia the Beef.
• Hugo Weaving is out of a job, won’t be missed and was replaced by the person who should have done it the first time.
• Seriously, Hound is a badass.

So long story short, better than DotM and RotF, but not better than the first.

Back in April, I posted THIS IMAGE of Predaking vs. Optimus Prime, that was inspired by the Mike Zeck cover for the Captain America annual #8. Well, thing is, I had actually done up a fake logo, and what not, to really pull off the homage better. But I kinda liked the image without the text, so I posted that alone… And I forgot I did it up like a cover. :P

While transferring files to a flash drive (because I’ll be moving to Nittany Lion country in the near future), I came across it and thought I’d quickly post it side by side with the original Zeck cover. 

So yeah, I hope you like it. :)